Sales strategy development

There are a variety of ways in which a company may enter a foreign market. Though, considering either form of exporting, it is essential to have a sound strategy and a marketing and sales plan specifically for the new market.

With our assistance, you will get a detailed information on:

  • the action plan needed to meet your local sales objectives
  • the pricing strategy to apply
  • the realistic export sales volumes to achieve
  • characteristics of the sales channels best suited for your business
  • the resource requirements to achieve the goals
  • most effective monitoring and controlling methods

An international sales plan is not significantly different than a domestic plan, still it must consider those elements that effect your company in a foreign country.

We guide you in developing your sales strategy that will fit within your Austrian target market.


Your benefit

If your strategic objective is to be present in the Austrian market and you need an accurate picture of the feasibility of your sales targets, our support is at your disposal.

Business potential

We assess the level of competition in your branch of industry, outline growth opportunities and guide you exploit them.

Keys to success

Our sales development scheme designed for your needs gives you a comprehensive support in framing, implementing and controlling your sales process.

Grow internationally!

Products or services together with your sales approach need to be adapted in each new market to meet specific market requirements. Using local business networks, developing new contacts, focusing on new targets can become easier if you leverage your partners.

With our market expertise and several successfully implemented projects, we help you to pursue the best market entry strategy.

  • Broad understanding of corporate needs in different stages of their business lifecycle
  • With seat in Vienna, Austria, UBConsulting provides practical and valid advice for corporates planning to enter the local market
  • We are aware of the specifics of the financial, business and regulatory environment

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