Financial advisory

Embarking on a new strategy to enter a foreign market mostly requires financial capacity and management commitment. Should we consider a traditional SME with a demonstrated business model, or a lucrative startup venture with ambitious growth targets, the implementation of your expansion plan will always have an impact on the liquidity and funding situation of your company.

A successful export strategy must be based on rational plans underpinned by well-founded financial recommendations.

Our financial advisory service helps you to overcome uncertainty. We support you by:

  • summing-up the typical financial components of your industry
  • assessing the risk factors that might arise from your Austrian market entry
  • giving assistance in completing your P&L and liquidity plan

  • calculating your return on investment
  • exploring possibilities of raising capital, i.e. venture capital, bank loan or another available subsidy
  • helping to obtain the best available form of debt or equity financing

Our offer

Our financial consulting helps companies that have long been operating, with a sound track record and justified business model, and also helps startup ventures with innovative ideas, high growth potential and scarce resources.

Your advantage

In a foreign business environment you might be confronted with difficulties and challanges, which you can not overcome depending solely on your own capacities. The involvement of a local consultant, who provides you with up-to-date information on financial questions and possesses valuable social capital, can be the proper alternative for your company.

Success factor

Our financial advisory service facilitates your decision-making how to approach your export market and forms bases for the practical implementation.

We support you!

The several years of banking and financial sector experience has provided us an insight into the challenges companies face when entering into new markets. We help with your financial issues during your international expansion.

  • Broad understanding of corporate needs in different stages of their business lifecycle
  • With seat in Vienna, Austria, UBConsulting provides practical and valid advice for corporates planning to enter the local market
  • We are aware of the specifics of the financial, business and regulatory environment

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