Business Partner Selection

The Business Partner Selection service helps you to locate your ideal Austrian business partner. Our aim is to facilitate your export activity and support your expansion with the help of our local market knowledge. The selection process is always a tailor-made service designed to your company’s profile and exact expectations.

Our methodology is based on a systematic approach that consists of a multi-stage selection process.

Main elements of the search process include:

  • framing the profile of the ideal export partner
  • researching the target market segment
  • identifying and pre-selecting relevant companies

  • evaluating data, defining top prospects
  • top prospect scan

At the end of the process a final report is presented to you that summarizes the partner profiles and hard and soft facts collected during the search.

Complex support

Would you decide not to make the direct business contact and further partner discussions independently, we are eager to assist you in representing your company in business negotiations.

Success factor

Austria’s central geographical location, stable and predictable business environment and its financially strong corporate sector open new perspectives for your foreign market expansion and sales improvement.

Your benefit

Our service is time-efficient and saves cost for you. Based on your order we work individually and present you accurate and relevant information.

Make business in Austria!

Our service conforms with your strategy if,

  • your aim is to increase your market presence in Austria
  • you want to implement it in an effective and pragmatic way, and
  • you wish to involve a regional expert who is familiar with the local environment and the success factors
  • Broad understanding of corporate needs in different stages of their business lifecycle
  • With seat in Vienna, Austria, UBConsulting provides practical and valid advice for corporates planning to enter the local market
  • We are aware of the specifics of the financial, business and regulatory environment

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